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3D Scan Spotlight - Footwear
March 7, 2018

Over the years we have scanned a TON of footwear, first in the R&D phase in 2013 and then for several clients. The materials provide such a rich scanning surface, its perfect to show the details and workmanship in what is proven to be one of the more important wardrobe decisions a person can make, in terms of day to day comfort. The raw scans are usually in the 1-3 million polygon range, allowing for detailed materials maps to be generated. So...

Homes Gone Past - 11th Ave
December 10, 2018

Today on "Homes Gone By", were probably going to ask questions with no answers, specifically about the heritage home on East 11TH Avenue in Vancouver. "Lack of electrical light fixtures, daytime showing preferred" I got the heads up, same as any potential buyers who wanted a showing; the home was a heritage renovation that was halted, I assume foreclosure. In a popular and accessible area of East Vancouver, the property was buffered...

3DScan Spotlight - SAM
April 29, 2019

Today were going to expand on our look back at Disguise; our collaboration with The Seattle Art Museum. I was first contacted last year by a SAM representative regarding the potential use of photogrammetry and color 3D printing to bring the public closer than ever to priceless artifacts in a major summer exhibition. The project turned out to be ‘Disguise’, a summer exhibition examining the role of masks in ancient cultures. Through 3d scanning...

3DScan Spotlight - Food
September 2, 2019

One of our largest contracts of 2017 was for a kitchen scene in a photorealistic animation for VFX house Hydraulx. The fruits, veggies and carbs we captured that summer were used in several shots, from background objects to closeups. 6 unique bagels Buns, baguette and croissant Root vegetables

3DScan Spotlight - Sports
September 30, 2019

Now that the cat is out of bag and NDA is expired, here are some sports-related scans from 2015's Capcom prop sessions Old baseball, scan available for sale at CG Trader Barcelona game ball Old and worn volleyball This old soccer ball got kicked around a schoolyard for 6 years before being scanned

3DScan Spotlight - Clothing
September 30, 2019

One of the many clothing scans performed at Microsoft turned out to be one of the best uses for Photogrammetry. The time saved on clothing skins proved to be very valuable to several projects!

3DScan Spotlight - Props
September 30, 2019

One of the main advantages of 3d scanning is the relatively quick creation of props, something that can make filling a 3d scene VERY expensive. When we can cut down the modelling time by a factor of 10, especially for complex objects, the choice is simple.

Homes gone past - Turtlehead Road
October 27, 2019

When you work in real estate, you may see so many properties that you eventually get a bit numb to it all; the features, the views, the locations. But once in a while, you find something special so kicking off a new 604 Scans feature "Homes Gone Past", we will look at 135 Turtlehead Road in Port Moody/Belcarra. "The Twin Princes" Stunning location and setting, within distance of Vancouver That was the nickname the locals gave the twin 70s...

3DScan Spotlight - Totem
October 29, 2019

While many of our scans are captured in the controlled comfort of a well-lit studios, there are times where you need to capture something onsite. Such is the totem at the front entrance of Lu’ma Native Housing Society on Nanaimo in Vancouver BC. Incorporated in 1980, the Society was initially incorporated to provide affordable housing to Aboriginal families and individuals with low to moderate income, currently operating just under 500 units of a...

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