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Matterport 3D

In 2024, 604 Scans is your preferred Matterport provider, with over 600,000 square feet scanned and to celebrate, we are offering an UNBEATABLE $125 Matterport 3D scan for Small retail/condos!* (*Limited time offer, when purchased with a basic photo package)


24-hours a day, Matterport can elevate your property marketing with an official 3D Matterport scan; Whether its for real estate, short or long term rentals or for business uses like construction and retail, discounted floorplans and Mattertags are also available!



Matterport is a technology company that specializes in creating immersive 3D models and virtual tours of physical spaces. Its technology has proven to be incredibly versatile and beneficial for various businesses across different industries. Here are some ways Matterport can be awesome for different types of businesses:

1. Real Estate:
Virtual Tours: Matterport allows potential buyers or tenants to explore properties remotely through interactive 3D virtual tours. This enhances the property viewing experience and can lead to faster decision-making.
– Remote Property Showcase: Real estate agents can conduct virtual open houses, reaching a broader audience and saving time for both clients and agents.

2. Hospitality and Travel:
– Virtual Hotel Tours: Hotels and resorts can showcase their rooms, amenities, and common areas in a captivating way, helping potential guests make informed booking decisions.
– Destination Promotion: Tourism boards can use Matterport to create virtual tours of popular destinations, attracting visitors by providing immersive experiences.

3. Retail:
– Virtual Shopping: Retailers can create virtual stores, allowing customers to explore products and make purchase decisions online with a more engaging and interactive experience.
– Showrooming: Car dealerships and high-end retailers can showcase their inventory with detailed 3D models, enabling virtual showroom experiences for potential buyers.

4. Commercial Spaces:
– Office Tours: Businesses looking for office space can take virtual tours of available commercial properties, making it easier to assess suitability without physically visiting each location.
– Event Venues: Conference centers and event spaces can offer virtual tours to event planners, helping them visualize the venue setup and plan more effectively.

5. Construction and Architecture:
– Project Visualization: Architects and construction professionals can use Matterport to create 3D models of design concepts or completed projects, aiding in visualization and communication with clients.
– Remote Collaboration: Teams spread across different locations can collaborate more effectively by sharing immersive 3D models of construction sites or architectural plans.

6. Education:
– Virtual Campus Tours: Schools and universities can provide virtual campus tours for prospective students, allowing them to explore facilities and grounds without physically visiting.
– Training Simulations: Training programs can use Matterport to create realistic virtual environments for hands-on simulations in various fields.

7. Healthcare:
– Facility Tours: Hospitals and medical facilities can offer virtual tours to showcase their facilities to patients, visitors, and potential investors.
– Medical Training: Medical professionals can use Matterport for virtual training simulations, creating realistic healthcare environments for education and training purposes.

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