Fun fact: The first object we scanned in early 2013 was a statue, so today were going to look back at our favorite statue/art scans from the last 7 years!

Some of best examples we have from those early days were of Thai origin; there is something about the aged materials and the details employed on so many piece that make for a great scan. One of the ones we brought back from Thailand was this great metallic Buddha head:

Since then we have worked closely with Spirithouse to scan several more Thai objects and carvings, as well as other pacific nation artifacts:

When artist Ivan Eyre’s Birdwrap statue made its residency in Vancouver, I made a point to scan this amazing work and the results were excellent! The embedded model bellow is greatly reduced in size to 14k polygons:

The first native art we scanned was Susan Point’s Welcome Gateway permanently installed in Stanley Park:

One of the most challenging exterior scans would have to be Abraham Anghik’s Spirits in the landscape, commissioned by BC Gas and permanently installed at 1111 West Georgia in Vancouver.

Spirits in the landscape