Viaduct North Dusk – Hyperlapse – 95 Frames @ 5400x3500px

$399 – The last of the sunset peeks through clouds along the Skytrain tracks near Science World, Vancouver, BC
– 95 Frames @ 5400x3500px –  (Pricing note, this sequence required hundreds of birds to be digitally removed)

Keywords: vancouver, downtown, highrise, sunny, city, hyperlapse, timelapse, high resolution, HD, 4k, sunset, science world

Port Mann Day 10 – Hyperlapse – 169 Frames @ 5400x3450px

$299 – Looking on train tracks, moving trains and the South Fraser Perimeter Road on the shores of the Fraser River near Coquitlam and Surrey, BC
– 169 Frames @ 5400x3450px –

Keywords: sunny, hyperlapse, timelapse, 4k, hd, high resolution, bc, clouds, river, fraser river, port mann, tree island, coquitlam, surrey, train, South Fraser Perimeter Road