Coal Harbour Day 1 – Hyperlapse – 64 Frames @ 5400x3200px

FREE – Incredible cloud formations over Cypress Mountain and Stanley Park, as seen from Coal harbour in downtown Vancouver, BC
– 64 Frames @ 5400x3200px (Original) – 4K Free Download at Vimeo

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New Brighton Sunset 2 – Hyperlapse – 91 Frames @ 5400x3500px

$499 – Cargo ships are loaded as a rare golden winter sunset bathes the north shore mountains
– 91 Frames @ 5400x3500px – (Pricing note, this sequence required hundreds of birds to be digitally removed)

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Knight Bridge Day 9 – Hyperlapse – 148 Frames @ 5400x3500px

FREE – Log booms on the Fraser River await to be turned into lumber at the saw mill, with South Vancouver and Mount Seymour in the background
– 148 Frames @ 5400x3500px Original) – Free 4K Download At Vimeo

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