Native Art Experience

Click above and go full screen to view our 2020 proposal for the Native Art Experience web portal!

Using our experience with the Seattle Art Museum and others, we would like to scan native cultural artifacts from all over Canada and make them freely accessible to everyone, using a responsive, scalable web portal and cloud apps to display photo-realistic 3d scans, museum virtual exhibits and tours as well as news related to native culture and archeology.

The concept came about in 2018 while working for a gallery, the manager of the gallery said it was the first time some of the objects had been exposed to lighting in 15 years and once I was done scanning, may be relegated to stage for decades longer. The work we were doing, giving objects a second life online, for anyone to access on any device was comforting to me and others. We would like to do this, on a large scale for Canada Native Culture, we owe them that much.

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