• Timelapse/Hyperlapse
  • What is a timelapse or hyperlapse?

    Timelapse is a series of high-resolution images taken over a period of time then animated at 24 frames or 30 frames a second; clouds are forming, people and cars are streaking past, time is speeding by.

    A Hyperlapse incorporates the beauty of a timelapse, while adding movement.


    Capturing a hyperlapse without our process would be almost impossible, requiring sometimes hundreds of feet of dolly track or the ability to shoot perfectly smooth/stable, tracking drone/helicopter shots in resolution above 4k. While possible, there is no guarantee the weather or shot would usable and the costs would be astronomical vs a clip from 604scans.


    Please check out our showreel if you haven't already, as well as the 7min extended showreel!


  • How are prices set for timelapses and hyperlapses?

    Purely on a workload basis; main reasons being:

    1. The stabilization process is far from perfect science, some hyperlapses requires hours of work before they are even confirmed as usable, as some are very problematic
    2.  Many, if not most of the hyperlapses have birds flying through the frame, which are painstakingly removed frame by frame.
    3. The visual quality and/or unique nature of the shot may drive the price up or down

    That's why some may seem higher on some, more than others, if you have any questions about pricing or want to inquire about bulk purchases, please contact us!


  • Are you able to do custom Hyperlapses?

    Yes but it depends on the weather and location, please contact us with your proposals

  • Are prices final or can you do bulk pricing

    Prices can be driven lower with bulk purchased but those are on a case-by-case basis, please contact us for more information!

  • How do you capture hyperlapses?

    Our capture and processing pipeline has been in development for over a year now so a closely guarded secret, we shoot freehand or tripod and its exactly as difficult as it sounds, the key is experience and physical consistency when shooting.

  • Why are the hyperlapse and timelapse preview videos the way they are?

    First clip you always see is an example 16:9 crop, then a full frame is shown, then it all loops a second time, the black gaps are there to 'reset the eyes' between the loops. For content protection reasons the clips are watermarked.

  • What is the purchase process?

    E-Payments can be made by email or paypal, please note sample frames can be sent beforehand but following guidelines set by all other stock footage companies, PAYMENT IS DUE BEFORE FULL SIZE CLIPS ARE SENT.

    The footage is available in TGA frames, which can be animated using standard video editing tools

    please contact us for more information!

  • Are the Raw files available?


    We tend to pick the best processing for the images but in times where you would like to access the RAW files to make your own processing changes, we are capable of putting the resulting images in/out of the pipeline. Removing birds, general cropping is all done in After Effects so reprocessing usually only incurs an extra processing fee of 50$ per clip.

  • 3D Scans
  • What is Photogrammetry?

    Photogrammetry is the capture of 3D data using high-end photographic equipment.

  • Can the models featured on 604scans.com be purchased?

    Yes, although many of the scans we have done are the sole property of the purchaser and not featured on 604scans.com, the scans are for the most part, test objects and can be purchased. Please contact us for inquiries regarding prices and data availability!

  • Are you able to scan on-site/Out of town?

    Yes, depending on the project, we may travel to accommodate clients, please contact us for inquiries!

  • Can you teach me how to do 3d scanning?

    Unfortunately we are not a school, we are a business but are available for on-site training. Please note this is following industry rates and more suitable to businesses, as opposed to individuals.

  • Can anything can be scanned?

    Conveniently, things that are difficult to 3d model will scan best, naturally worn or detailed surfaces and objects. Anything black, shiny or reflective will have a tough time being captured along with very fine/thin details like branches, hair,etc. Sometimes this can be forced or worked around, at the very least allowing a rough model to be captured, combined with on-site photographs, the model will serve as a great reference base for the artists to work from.

    At 604 Scans we can walk through your scene/set and determine what will scan or what we can reference capture to help you hit your milestones quicker and for less cost!