Pho·to·gram·me·try (fō′tə-grăm′ĭ-trē) “The process of making precise measurements by means of photography”, Starting in early 2014, we scanned hundreds of tests objects in order to achieve photo real SLR 3d scans and the results were amazing! Since then we have worked with clients such as Duke University and The Seattle Art Museum and we are able to sell some of the objects in our archive as well as scan custom objects.

Seattle Art Museum UPDATE

We are back with a new update or two, including this segment on a huge exhibition we just wrapped up at The Seattle Art Museum! I was contacted late last year by SAM regarding doing some work on ‘Disguise’, a

Spirit House Dragon

Things have been VERY busy for me these past few months, mostly with projects under NDA, hence the radio silence but recently I scanned some new objects for a local Thai Art importer/dealer; Spirit House. This is the first of

Antique French Canadian trunk

The second scan in my ‘found’ objects is an Antique French Canadian trunk that belonged to a lovely French Canadian lady. I simply hauled it out of the garage and scanned it in the front yard, as it stood, rusty and dusty. The renders are from a 5 million polygon version that still retained its crisp details in the metalwork (Render bellow), the raw scan was nearly 20 million polygons, which was quite unmanageable! Again there