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Mask 1 - Disguise

Mask 1 – Disguise

We are back with a new update or two, including this segment on a huge exhibition we just wrapped up at The Seattle Art Museum! I was contacted late last year by SAM regarding doing some work on ‘Disguise’, a summer exhibition examining the role of masks in ancient cultures. Through 3d scanning and printing, the goal was to bring the public closer than ever to precious artifacts such as these.

Capture sessions

Capture sessions

All the scanning was done in one day, using a custom made rig along with low-heat lighting to eliminate any risk of damaging the artifacts, which ranged in size from 7″ to 4 feet long. This seemed like the easy part considering there were a few week solid weeks of processing ahead at that point. Everything went smoothly on the processing side but the relatively new color 3D printing process brought along challenges. In the end, we delivered 12 replicas of the masks at a stunning level of detail and the exhibition wrapped in early September after a wildly successful late summer run.

Disguise Exhibition - Seattle Art Museum

Disguise Exhibition – Seattle Art Museum

Mask 2 - Disguise

Mask 2 – Disguise

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