Seymour Terrain tests

Seymour Wall2

Seymour Wall2 – Raw scan, basic lighting and shaders

A while back I posted a photo of some Mount Seymour rock surfaces and now today Ive got some of the results! The image above is of the second wall, which is at the Salt Yard a ways up the mountain. Reaching nearly 13 meters by 40m+ in some sections, I managed to capture a decent chunk with the access that I had, there were areas I couldn’t enter because of water and general safety. Check out the animated video bellow showing off fairly simple lighting and movement but fairly sharp diffuse and geometry for such a large scan:

Youtube Animation of Seymour Wall2




Wall 1 had limited exposure and shape, gradually sloping down to ground level but the lighting was great so I shot it anyways, you can never scan enough in good weather! Here is a render showing the detail achieved, which I would still rate at 70%




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